WoW players continually targeted by phishers

WoW players are continually targeted by phishers, since account credentials can be easily sold.

There are many variants of phishing e-mails and in-game messages, and it pays to be alert and know the latest tricks used.

McAfee warns about the increased volume of WoW phishing e-mails and about one in particular:

Trying to convince the user that he will locked out of his account if he doesn’t contact Blizzard, the offered link takes him to a phishing page that simulates BattleNet’s login page.

But, a discerning eye will notice that the URL of said page doesn’t correspond to the address of the legitimate site, and if not sure, a quick search will prove that it is so.

Users are always advised not to follow links within unsolicited e-mails, and in this case, to add the 2-factor authentication option offered by Blizzard if possible.

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