Use Android as a RSA SecurID authenticator

RSA announced their SecurID Software Token for Android that is engineered to enable an Android powered device to be used as an RSA SecurID authenticator, providing convenient and cost-effective two-factor authentication to enterprise applications and resources.

Additionally, RSA is releasing a new Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Android platform that is designed to allow developers to embed RSA SecurID two-factor authentication directly into Android applications and gain competitive advantage by offering this additional layer of security.

Mobile applications that directly integrate RSA SecurID technology provide organizations with the assurance that their resources are engineered to be protected from unauthorized access without any usability impact to the end user. The SDK is available free of charge for all RSA Secured partners.

The new RSA SecurID Software Token for Android is engineered to generate a one-time password that changes every 60 seconds, enabling secure access to corporate resources. The solution complements the broad range of authentication methods offered by RSA, giving customers a choice in authentication methods based on risk, cost and convenience.

The RSA SecurID Software Token for Android is designed for enterprise users whose organizations have implemented the RSA SecurID system. The token can be installed directly onto Android enabled devices at no cost via a simple download from Android Market.

With minimal help from their IT department, users can enable the application with a unique software token seed, creating a convenient, secure and cost-effective RSA SecurID authenticator.

“The smart phone is revolutionizing the way consumers and commercial organizations are doing business,” noted Mark Diodati, Research Director at Gartner. “The smart phone will become the default strong authenticator for users in the near-term; it means one less device that the user must carry. It’s important that strong authentication methods like one-time password devices are supported on smart phones, and that developers have an easy way to embed this high-quality authentication method into mobile applications.”

The RSA SecurID software token for the Android mobile platform will be available for free download Dec. 22, 2010.

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