Physical, logical and mobile authentication in one software

Entrust released IdentityGuard 10.0, which brings together security solutions for physical, logical and mobile access.

This latest update to Entrust’s authentication platform enables organizations to manage and deploy a range of authenticators simultaneously which can be issued based on specific requirements, associated risk and cost.

The platform leverages a single administrative interface which allows organizations to manage and adjust security for a wide range of user groups. This flexibility enables organizations to adjust security in real-time to meet the changing threat landscapes or future regulatory requirements.

By offering smart credentials under IdentityGuard, organizations can also simplify the issuance and management of smart cards to better integrate and secure physical and logical security. Entrust on premises or managed services PKI is integrated onto the single platform IdentityGuard, offering users the ability to issue and manage smart cards.

Organizations do not have to immediately implement both physical and logical access solutions; through the platform, users have the flexibility to address their logical and physical access requirements in a staged deployment to maintain business continuity.

The platform’s extensibility further enables organizations to add functionality to the system, as new security innovations are made available.

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