First enterprise mobile DLP solution

Zenprise announced its Mobile Enterprise Security Framework including the mobile DLP solution for managing and securing the growing number of personally owned devices entering the workplace.

The solution gives IT administrators the ability to monitor mobile user behavior in order to set and apply effective policies for controlling and protecting mobile devices on the network.

Unlike other offerings, the Zenprise Mobile DLP solution works by transparently monitoring and securing content at the data layer rather than by trying to isolate or “containerize” applications, an approach that often hampers the user experience and isn’t always effective.

The solution features dynamic context- and content-aware, policy-based mobile DLP capabilities that provide security, data control, audit and compliance, and data expiry for sensitive data across its lifecycle.

In addition, Zenprise’s Mobile DLP application integrates natively with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 via an encrypted network connection that enables end-to-end control and synchronization of corporate data. The implementation is a snap-in approach and requires virtually no change to an organization’s existing infrastructure to enable protection of corporate data on mobile devices.

Zenprise has supplemented the industry’s first enterprise mobile DLP solution with Mobile Security Intelligence, a feature that gives IT administrators visibility into mobile network traffic, and behavior by device, user, system or application. It can help them identify unauthorized access, insider threats, leakage of sensitive corporate data or compliance violations – an arm them with the information they need to remediate the situation. Together, Zenprise’s Mobile Security Intelligence and Enterprise Mobile DLP application combine visibility with control and protection across the entire data lifecycle.

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