WAN and network optimization API for iOS

Circadence announced an application programming interface (API) enabling WAN optimization for Apple iOS applications.

The API installs into Apple mobile applications or apps in development, enhancing end-user mobile experiences with noticeable increases in efficiency and reliability for any content.

Companies and developers use Circadence WAN and network optimization solutions for secure transfer of data. Apple iPad and iPhone device testing revealed average application data delivery to be at least 30 times faster.

“Government, healthcare and public safety organizations already use Circadence to optimize 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connections,” said Mike Moniz, CEO of Circadence. “Now, whether a new application is for communication, creativity, business and productivity or entertainment; our expansion to Apple iOS gives developers the ability to enhance their mobile applications with increased throughput and reliability.”

Circadence’s MVO Apple Client includes an iOS application that shows the difference in performance of applications with and without WAN optimization. The MVO iOS performance application gives developers the ability to connect to a web page and with a graphical display, evaluate the performance of the application.

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