Microsoft Windows Operating System Essentials

Windows 7 is the leading desktop software, yet it can be a difficult concept to grasp, especially for those new to the field of IT.

Microsoft Windows Operating System Essentials is a resource for anyone new to computer administration and looking for a career in computers.

Delving into areas such as fundamental Windows 7 administration concepts and various desktop OS topics, this full-color book addresses the skills necessary for individuals looking to break into a career in IT.

Each chapter begins with a list of topic areas to be discussed, followed by a clear and concise discussion of the core Windows 7 administration concepts and skills necessary so you can gain a strong understanding of the chapter topic areas.

The chapters conclude with review questions and suggested labs, so you can gauge your understanding of the chapter’s contents. The book:

  • Offers in-depth coverage of operating system configurations
  • Explains how to install and upgrade client systems
  • Addresses managing applications and devices
  • Helps you understand operating system maintenance
  • Covers the topics you need to know for the MTA 98-349 exam.
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