Phishers trick gamers with adult cam show offer

A rather clever phishing scheme targeting Italian gamers has recently been spotted by Symantec researchers.

The scammy page, hosted on a free web hosting site, was made to look like a popular gaming brand was introducing a new service that would allow its users to connect with girls that are ready and willing to perform nude webcam shows for a small fee or sometimes even for free.

But, in order to “protect the girls’ privacy”, the list containing their names and contact details is supposedly only handed over to those willing to show that they are part of the gaming network by inputing their login credentials.

And in order to reassure the users this is not a scam, the page explicitly tells them so and says that they have verified each performer beforehand.

But, unfortunately for the gullible victims, once the required information is inserted and the Send button pressed, the credentials are sent to the scammers and the users notified that they have inserted an incorrect password.

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