Data collection with mobile devices

Fulcrum Biometrics At-Scene announced that the iBolo law enforcement mobile application is now integrated with the FbF mobileOne biometric fingerprint accessory to allow field collection of biometric data.

The solution enables officers in the field to use smart phones and other mobile devices to quickly identify, categorize and track contacts, suspects and arrestees with a combination of photos, GPS locations, field notes and biometric fingerprint data.

This information can be saved to databases on FIPS-compliant servers and can be used to create instant suspect bulletins for dissemination to other officers, departments or law enforcement agencies.

Most biometric identification systems currently used by law enforcement officers in the field involve large, limited-purpose devices that can be cost-prohibitive to deploy across an entire force and are too cumbersome for use by officers working on foot, bicycles, horses or public transit.

The FbF mobileOne fingerprint accessory is a sleek-fitting sleeve that easily snaps onto iOS-based mobile devices and can be used with iBolo running on the Apple iPhone or iPod touch to provide a low-cost, multi-purpose mobile law enforcement solution that is FIPS-compliant, yet easily fits into an officer’s pocket.

“Truly mobile law enforcement technology has been a dream of cops in the field for many years,” said Mario Galasso, police Sergeant and CEO of At-Scene. “We used the FbF mobileOne iOS library to integrate our iBolo application with Fulcrum’s high-quality, mobile biometric hardware to create a solution that finally makes the prospect of mobile law enforcement possible. And because it uses widely available mobile technologies like the iPhone, the technology is easily accessible to even the smallest departments,” Galasso added.

Together, iBolo and FbF mobileOne improve officer safety and productivity in the field, whether they are in cars, on foot, motorcycles, bicycles or public transportation.

“At-Scene’s applications are designed by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers, so we are pleased to partner with them in creating a complete mobile solution for use in the field,” said Ken Nosker, president of Fulcrum Biometrics. “When we released the FbF mobileOne fingerprint technology last year it was widely embraced by the law enforcement community and developers of law enforcement applications. iBolo is an excellent example of a field app that effectively helps officers quickly and easily gather biometric data and combine it with other essential information to aid in criminal investigations and the identification and apprehension of suspects,” Nosker added.

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