NetShade 5: Anonymous proxy for the Mac

NetShade makes your presence on the web anonymous by routing your connection through a proxy server. It keeps you from leaving your digital “calling card” at every site you visit.

Instead of your computer connecting directly to the site in question, you connect to a proxy server which in turn fetches the web page from the destination server and passes it back to you. The proxy server is the only one making connections to the sites you visit, and only the proxy’s IP address is seen by those sites.

NetShade 5 is a major update:

  • No more logins and passwords
  • Improved Proxy Manager
  • Auto-cycle proxies
  • Batch test proxies
  • New user interface
  • Space-saving collapsible windows
  • Save proxies to user proxies
  • Customizable block list
  • Audio feedback for proxy tests
  • Updated proxy server backend.
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