Fingerprint sensor for secure mobile payments

AuthenTec introduced a new smart fingerprint sensor tailored for mCommerce applications requiring strong but effortless security in today’s NFC-equipped smartphones and tablets.

AuthenTec’s AES2750 represents the best features of previous smart sensor designs, including a wide 192 pixel by 8 pixel fingerprint sensor array plus new features including hybrid fingerprint matching (on sensor match + host match), AES, RSA and SHA encryption blocks, and One Time Password (OTP) generation all in a narrow package for easy and inexpensive integration.

The AES2750’s utilizes an innovative and unique new package design, with a narrow Y-dimension and rounded edges enabling mounting in narrow spaces or edges of smartphones and tablets as well as through-hole glass mounting for touchscreen-enabled mobile devices.

The package is completely flat and over molded in plastic for accommodating the elegant industrial design of today’s leading smartphones. The modular package design reduces bill of material (BOM) costs required for sensor integration by handset and tablet OEMs.

AuthenTec’s AES2750 features hybrid, on-chip fingerprint matching/confirmation, encryption of enrolled fingerprint templates and user credentials, and an encrypted SPI system interface. Encryption is used extensively in the AES2750 sensor to ensure protection of personal data, fingerprint matching templates and user credentials.

Optimized for NFC based smart phone architectures, the AES2750 can interact directly with payment applications within the secure element and provide direct NFC radio control based on positive authentication of the user.

“AuthenTec’s AES2750 provides the broadest array of integrated security features we’ve ever offered in a smart fingerprint sensor for mobile devices,” said Art Stewart, AuthenTec’s Vice President of Smart Sensor Solutions. “This is a highly complementary solution to NFC mCommerce smart phones, compatible with today’s NFC and Secure Element subsystems to provide strong transaction security with an ease of use and convenience exceeding PIN/password or pattern-based security. Early feedback from smartphone and tablet OEMs has been very positive, particularly about sensor aesthetics and security, and we already have design wins for this “made for mobile commerce’ sensor.”

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