OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide

Author: Chris Seibold
Pages: 272
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 1449330320


Since its release, OS X Mountain Lion has been hailed as the most advanced operating system coming out of Cupertino. With lots of new features and a myriad of small alterations, this evolution of OS X offers a lot to novice and seasoned users alike.

While some of the features like iCloud integration are in the spotlight, there are many others that users may not be familiar with immediately. This is where the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide by O’Reilly enters the picture.

About the author

Chris Seibold is an engineer, writer and cartoonist. As a writer, he has focused on computing and written for a variety of online and traditional media, including serving as Senior Contributing Editor for the Apple Matters web site and contributing hacks to iPod and iTunes Hacks, with a talent for making the complex accessible to the interested but harried user.

Inside the book

The author starts off with a short yet effective overview of what’s new in this version of OS X. This will enable readers to immediately identify which features they’d like to learn more about.

Many use more than one OS X machine and if you look at Apple’s growing sales numbers, a myriad of new users is using their Mac for the first time. This is why the book discusses not only installing OS X Mountain Lion, but also migrating data.

Since this is a guide that many will keep in their laptop bag to reference on-the-go, particularly helpful sections will be the ones dedicated to troubleshooting and system preferences. Here users can learn how to deal with misbehaving applications, noisy hard drives and the nuts and bolts of personalizing their computing environment.

Even though security considerations are mentioned several times in the text, the book also contains a chapter dedicated entirely to password management – a topic that certainly deserves more attention in other similar publications.

Final thoughts

With it’s truly compact format, this small guide can fit in your pocket and it’s ready to be taken everywhere. It’s short and to the point, highly recommended for novice users.


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