“Blizzard Entertainment IP Restrictions” phishing email doing rounds

Blizzard Entertainment has acknowledged that the notification email that has been hitting users’ inboxes and has been purportedly sent by the company is, in fact, a phishing attempt.

The email goes like this:

The link does seem like it might be legitimate, but the spelling mistakes in the email body should alert you to the fact that this is a shoddily constructed and, therefore, bogus message.

According to one user, in at least one of these delivered emails the link didn’t work as it should have, so maybe that alerted some users to the email’s deceptive nature.

Researcher Chris Boyd also pointed out that the email was purportedly sent by “Guild Wars 2 Support”, which should be another hint for potential victims, as Guild Wars 2 is developed and maintained by ArenaNet and not Blizzard Entertainment.

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