Fingerprint algorithm for Android devices

Precise Biometrics AB has launched a new software product designed and optimized for embedding fingerprint verification on smartphones and tablets.

Precise BioMatch Mobile supports Android, and in the future will also support other mobile operating systems. The new product will be offered to mobile device manufacturers and component providers worldwide.

Fingerprint Cards, manufacturer of fingerprint sensors for mobile devices, have already licensed the product.

Precise BioMatch Mobile is a high performance product based on the top ranked algorithms in NIST’s Ongoing MINEX and MINEX II evaluations. Precise BioMatch Mobile works with all major sensors in the market, both swipe and area sensors, and has been enhanced for mobile usage to allow for handset specific performance optimization beyond the recorded MINEX test performance.

Thomas Marschall, CEO at Precise Biometrics said: “This product completes our offering to the mobile market. Based on the expectation that fingerprint sensors will become a standard component on smart devices over the next 3 years, we offer a very competitive product with high performance, offering a better user experience to more people – the key to success within this business. We consider the fact that Fingerprint Cards chooses to integrate our technology with their sensors as a confirmation of the high potential in the segment for mobile embedded fingerprint technology. Together with our existing products such as Tactivo and our mobile development toolkits, we are now able to offer a complete range of products that address mobile security issues on all types of devices for a very broad range of requirements.”

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