Email data protection through a mobile app

ZixCorp announced commercial availability of ZixOne, a mobile email app that solves the key IT challenge created by the BYOD trend. ZixOne manages access to corporate email while never allowing that data to reside on the device where it is vulnerable to loss or theft.

BYOD describes the increasing trend of employees using their personal devices to conduct work and access corporate data. Unlike other BYOD solutions, ZixOne meets the users’ desire to keep corporate IT away from their devices while giving IT the ability to secure content and meet compliance needs.

With seamless access to work email in a secure, simple-to-use environment, employees can stay productive while preserving device independence. A BYOD solution that is acceptable to employees solves one of today’s greatest IT management challenges.

“The use of employee-owned mobile devices in the workplace has created efficiency and enhanced productivity in the workplace, but it also leaves business exposed to significant risks of corporate data loss,” said Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute. “These devices weren’t designed for security, and CIOs and IT departments are challenged to find a BYOD solution that protects corporate data without hindering the same efficiency and productivity resulting from this growing trend.”

ZixOne delivers email data protection through a mobile app that enables corporate email access without allowing the data to reside on an employee’s personal device where it has greater potential for compromise. This approach provides a secure mobile email environment that is familiar and acceptable to mobile users. If the device is lost or stolen, an administrator can simply disable access to corporate email from that device through ZixOne.

ZixOne is priced per employee (instead of per device) for use across iOS and Android OS devices. It can be deployed with Microsoft Exchange in less than an hour, and the app can be downloaded to the user’s device in less than a minute. Customers can use ZixOne as a standalone BYOD solution or used in combination with a mobile device management (MDM) or container approach.

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