Video: Malware Management Framework

You can throw lots of time and money at scanning your systems for unknown malware, but the reality is that you will only identify a small portion of the bad stuff. Changing the way you approach managing your systems by using this process will help you find malware.

This DerbyCon video introduces you to the Malware Management Framework, a repeatable process that can identify the most advanced malware on Windows based systems without signatures or the need to understand anything about the malware. This is the real deal straight from the professionals who have dealt with some of the nastiest stuff in the real world, defending real environments.

This presentation will discuss the current state of malware, the problems with current detection methods and share a new process that anyone can setup to assist in malware discovery and remediation.

Authors: Ian and Michael are security professionals and researchers. The duo’s responsible disclosures involve cardkey system exploits and vulnerabilities with leading application whitelisting and file integrity products.

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