GTA 5 cracked PC game scams users

Thousands of impatient gamers have been duped into downloading and running a bogus Grand Theft Auto V version for PCs that made them complete a number of surveys and ultimately didn’t deliver the wanted game.

As the game’s fans should know, the PC version of the highly anticipated game is yet to be released, but scammers are aware that some users will disregard that fact and will be trawling torrent sites for a cracked or leaked version.

This particular scam has been cleverly executed. The size of the setup file offered for download looks legitimate – some 18 GB – and once downloaded and started, it seemingly initiates the setup process.

When the victims reach the registration window, they are urged to get the registration code from a specific website – one that will make them jump through survey hoops in order to get it. Needless to say, no registration code is given out at the end.

WCCFTech’s Usman Pirzada speculates that the reason this campaign scammed many unsuspecting users lies partly in the fact that the file looks legitimate, and partly in the fact that the torrent offering it is verified, unreported, and has a high SEO ranking.

It is currently unknown whether the setup file contains other malware or whether it’s simply full of junk that may adversely affect the speed of the victims’ computer or, at least, use up 18 GB of disk space. Whatever the case may be, it undoubtedly spells only bad news for the affected users.

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