Customer Authentication: Multi-factor security from iovation

With most transactions now happening online, providing customers with a frictionless online experience that’s also highly secure is critical for today’s businesses.

Still, most companies continue to rely heavily on usernames and passwords as their only means for authenticating customers. This creates a significant problem. Not only are passwords difficult for customers to recall and manage, but they can be easily stolen by fraudsters and resold on the black market.

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2016, Michael Thelander, Product Marketing Manager, Authentication at iovation, talks about Customer Authentication, a service that enables you to attain robust, reliable security that’s perfectly balanced with a seamless user experience.

Customer Authentication

Customer Authentication: Seamless 2nd factor

The Customer Authentication service can be easily added to your existing authentication process without adding customer friction. It provides customers with an invisible, hassle-free web experience by recognizing and using their device as an additional factor of authentication.

Passwordless authentication

For those aiming to eliminate passwords altogether, iovation Customer Authentication enables the user’s device to serve as the primary, 1st factor of authentication. Passwords or other 2nd factor methods of authentication can be reserved for those cases where a customer logs in from a device for the first time, presents an elevated risk profile, or requests access to more sensitive data and transactions.

Contextual, risk-aware authentication

iovation Customer Authentication also adds the critical ingredients of context and risk to your customer-facing authentication solution. Geolocation, true IP address, and risk scores from iovation’s Global Device Intelligence Platform combine with a powerful rules engine to provide insight on access requests, step-up authentication processes, and device histories.

RSA Conference 2016

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