Armor Anywhere: Managed security for any cloud

As growing businesses increasingly rely on public, private and hybrid cloud platforms in addition to internal infrastructures, at Armor is launching Armor Anywhere to keep sensitive data safe.

Armor Anywhere

Armor Anywhere makes it easy to balance security, cost-effectiveness and cloud agility

With an official debut at Black Hat USA 2016 in Las Vegas, Armor Anywhere provides user-friendly managed security, with visibility and controls to ensure the protection of workloads, assets and applications.

Compatible with popular cloud platforms, including AWS and Azure, Armor Anywhere secures data 24/7 while providing visibility across a multi-cloud infrastructure.

“The modern threat landscape presents sizeable challenges for companies managing sensitive data, particularly those facing strict compliance requirements,” said Chris Drake, founder and CEO, Armor. “Armor Anywhere is a battle-tested security solution backed by threat expertise that complements our customers’ unique needs. It simplifies security, so they can focus on growth and driving revenue, not defending against sophisticated cyberattacks. We deploy an effective and scalable approach so customers can leverage our security knowledge and talent at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.”

Armor Anywhere

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Armor Anywhere allows customers to monitor and defend operating systems with security technology and controls, backed by an elite security operations center (SOC). Armor experts utilize the latest threat intelligence, as well as a proprietary, highly-automated agent to deliver around the clock security, patch monitoring, log and event management, malware protection, file integrity monitoring and external vulnerability scans.

The solution is designed to meet PCI and HIPAA compliance standards, and be audit-ready in defense of ePHI, PII and payment data. With Armor Anywhere, organizations can also enjoy a shared approach to both risk and security responsibility to optimize IT spend and cloud accessibility.

Black Hat USA 2016

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