Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things with Unidirectional CloudConnect

Waterfall Security Solutions launched Unidirectional CloudConnect, a solution based on its patented Unidirectional Gateway technology, designed to meet the challenges of both cybersecurity and interoperability.

Unidirectional CloudConnect

“Waterfall’s Unidirectional CloudConnect is an essential enabler for the Industrial Internet of Things. CloudConnect secures industrial sites from cyberattacks from the cloud and the Internet, while delivering seamless interoperability of the industrial systems with cloud applications,” said Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-founder at Waterfall Security Solutions. “As a secure gateway to the cloud, combining Waterfall’s renowned cybersecurity with innovative protocol interoperability and unification, CloudConnect enables industrial sites to reap the efficiencies of the IIoT.”

Use cases for the Unidirectional CloudConnect

1. Direct connection to Internet cloud services by industrial sites leveraging the efficiencies of predictive maintenance, big data analytics, and other business-transforming benefits.

2. Connection to the cloud via IIoT vendors offering big data analytics and operational efficiencies to industrial sites.

Unidirectional CloudConnect uses Unidirectional Gateways to gather data from industrial sources such as historians, industrial systems and devices. It seamlessly recodes gathered information into cloud-friendly unified formats, including relational databases, publish/subscribe protocols, and XML/SOAP web services. CloudConnect then transmits the cloud-friendly data to Internet-based industrial cloud providers.

“We are already experiencing interest from both industrial customers and vendors, due to our success in providing stronger-than-firewall cybersecurity,” remarked Frenkel. “From airports with sensors gathering data, to big data analytics vendors working with oil & gas companies, our Unidirectional CloudConnect has received a warm welcome by the industrial community.”

Unidirectional Gateways

Unidirectional Gateways were pioneered by Waterfall Security and deployed worldwide since 2007. Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateway product family is an evolutionary alternative to firewalls, providing protection for the safety and reliability of industrial systems that firewalls simply cannot match.

Industrial sites around the world deploy Waterfall products to provide industrial systems with safe and reliable IT/OT integration, vendor and cloud services, and remote monitoring. The products are recognized to reduce the cost and complexity of compliance with NERC CIP, NRC, NIST, CFATS, ANSSI, ISA, and other standards, regulations and best practices, worldwide.

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