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Safeguarding global critical networks now and in the future

Lior Frenkel is the CEO and co-founder of Waterfall Security Solutions, a provider of unidirectional security gateways, stronger-than-firewalls perimeter security solutions …

Detecting PLC malware in industrial control systems

How can attackers load programmable logic controllers (PLC) with destructive malware, and how can the operators of industrial control systems (ICS) detect it? According to a …

Waterfall BlackBox
Waterfall BlackBox: Restoring trust in network information

Waterfall Security Solutions announced the launch of the Waterfall BlackBox, developed to maintain the integrity of log repositories in the event of a cyber attack. Based on …

Critical infrastructure
LogiLube to offer ironclad security based on Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateway

Waterfall Security Solutions nnounced a collaboration with LogiLube to protect LogiLube’s customers’ industrial sites from online cyber attacks. By deploying Waterfall’s …

Unidirectional CloudConnect
Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things with Unidirectional CloudConnect

Waterfall Security Solutions launched Unidirectional CloudConnect, a solution based on its patented Unidirectional Gateway technology, designed to meet the challenges of both …

Critical infrastructure
It’s time to replace firewalls in industrial network environments

Waterfall Security Solutions announced the expansion of its stronger-than-firewall solution portfolio for industrial control systems and critical infrastructure sites. …

ICS-focused IRONGATE malware has some interesting tricks up its sleeve

FireEye researchers discovered a malware family that’s obviously meant to target ICS systems, but found no evidence that it was ever used in the wild. They were unable …

industry danger
It’s time to get serious about ICS cybersecurity

As recently reported by The Register, a proof-of-concept PLC worm could spell disaster for the critical infrastructure by making attacks exponentially more difficult to detect …

The future of ICS security depends on OT-centric security solutions

New cybersecurity operational technologies are emerging to protect industrial control systems (ICS) against impending IT threats and attacks. ABI Research indicates that …

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