New infosec products of the week​: March 3, 2017

Nehemiah Security’s AtomicEye RQ quantifies the effects of cyber exploits

Nehemiah Security released AtomicEye RQ (Risk Quantifier). Engineered to replicate a network environment and mathematically predict the effects of real cyber exploits, AtomicEye RQ provides executives with visibility and investment accountability, and security operators with a detailed, up-to-the minute understanding of the vulnerabilities in their environment. This knowledge makes it easier to secure the network and invest intelligently in cyber defense tools.

Nehemiah Security's AtomicEye RQ

“Clients and CISOs have shared with us that securing their enterprise network with confidence and direction is a major obstacle that they are driven to find a solution for,” said Paul Farrell, CEO of Nehemiah Security. “Organizations are spending too much money on solutions and services to guess at the state of their security posture. AtomicEye RQ delivers analytical models capable of identifying critical network vulnerabilities, making it possible to measure and optimize an organization’s security configuration over time, even as changes are constantly occurring.”

Goodix debuts in-display fingerprint sensor

Goodix unveiled the first fingerprint sensor integrated into the AMOLED display of mobile devices. It can turn a defined area of an AMOLED display into a fingerprint sensor, eliminating the need for mobile device manufacturers to install fingerprint sensor buttons. The sensor supports the latest borderless design of mobile devices, increasing the screen-to-body area ratio and resulting in a friendly interaction experience for the user.

infosec products march 2017

Enhanced Avast Wi-Fi Finder secures Android users

Avast announced a new feature of the Avast Wi-Fi Finder app for Android that will help users secure their networks and protect their IoT devices. In addition to helping users easily find secure Wi-Fi connections on-the-go, Avast Wi-Fi Finder also now automatically scans Wi-Fi networks for connected device vulnerabilities, allowing users to address identified security issues.

infosec products march 2017

Informatica launches ‘detect and protect’ data security platform

Informatica announced the latest version of its data security platform, Secure@Source. The platform’s new ‘detect and protect’ functions will allow companies to automatically discover where sensitive data resides and follow it wherever it goes, as well as applying multi-factor analytics to detect anomalous behaviour. It will also help them to orchestrate remediation in response to a potential breach, ensuring that defence is quick and accurate.

infosec products march 2017

FourV Systems announces GreySpark Central

FourV Systems announced GreySpark Central for consolidated cyber risk management. This enhancement to GreySpark enables MSSPs to centrally manage deployments and view risk and performance indicators within and across organizations. Designed to measure information technology risks and performance through standardized metrics, organizations will be able to have a single view and individual control of their entities.

infosec products march 2017

Sophos Mobile 7 enterprise mobile management solution released

Sophos announced Sophos Mobile 7. Enhancements include anti-phishing technology to protect users from malicious links in emails and documents and improvements to Sophos’ Android security and anti-malware app. There are also usability enhancements to the Secure Workspace and Secure Email app where users now can open, view and even edit encrypted and secure Office format documents and attachments without leaving the secure and encrypted container.

infosec products march 2017

Radisys introduces SDN and NFV platform for service providers and data centers

Radisys announced a robust solution to deploy Software-defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) with the delivery of its FlowEngine TDE-2000. The FlowEngine TDE-2000 is an advanced high-performance carrier-grade open network switch, with unique packet flow classification and security features designed to reduce network complexity and accelerate new SDN, NFV, 5G and IoT service introductions, while delivering CapEx and OpEx savings.

infosec products march 2017

Webscale launches cloud web application firewall

While the market is flush with WAF solutions that combat malicious attacks at the edge of a web application, closest to the end user, Webscale’s Cloud WAF focuses on critical e-commerce platforms and integrate application awareness by building out robust protection for both data traffic at the browser level, and the complete backend application infrastructure, in a single as-a-Service solution.

infosec products march 2017

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