New infosec products of the week​: June 30, 2017

Protection against the impacts of malware, ransomware and DNS data exfiltration

Akamai introduced Enterprise Threat Protector, a solution designed specifically to address the “intelligence gap” in DNS infrastructure. Using threat data gathered through Akamai’s Cloud Security Intelligence capabilities, Enterprise Threat Protector layers critical intelligence onto a company’s recursive DNS requests, preventing users from accessing malicious domains. The value of the solutions comes from the solution’s ability to better determine the “intent” of a DNS request from the enterprise.

infosec products June 2017

Indegy extends ICS security from PLCs to cover global OT networks with unified protection

Indegy has enhanced the Indegy Cyber Security Platform to meet requirements for protecting multi-site ICS environments. The new version centralizes the management and configuration of threat monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities across multiple facilities. This enables global organizations to protect ICS by maintaining unified and visibility into all activity across Operational Technology networks spread over the country or world.

infosec products June 2017

Application-based interactive firewall Little Snitch 4 released

Little Snitch warns the user when an installed application tries to connect to the Internet, preventing personal and confidential information from being sent without explicit consent of the user. Little Snitch monitors and filters the Mac computer’s network traffic on application level and offers detailed, rule-based filter options. Connection attempts which are not yet covered by a user-defined rule can be allowed or denied interactively by the user.

infosec products June 2017

Security platform that protects citizen identity and private information

NXP Semiconductors unveiled its 3rd generation SmartMX platform to provide security and privacy protection for citizen IDs, ePassports, payment and access management applications. The platform is optimized to create future-proof secure microprocessors required for secure identity and payment applications where protection of personal identifiable information and other private data are paramount.

infosec products June 2017

Comodo releases free Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution

Comodo released a free endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. cWatch EDR is part of the Comodo Security Solutions’ Advanced Endpoint Protection. It complements the Endpoint Protection Platform, which is designed to prevent malware infection. EDR is designed to detect and respond to malware.

infosec products June 2017

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