Code42’s data security platform reduces user downtime and costs for Windows 10 migrations

Code42 announced enhancements for Windows 10 Device Migration. Designed to help organizations reduce risks and costs related to data loss, user downtime and lost productivity, Code42’s data recovery solution gets files back into users’ hands by prioritizing the migration of files created recently.

The new restore-priority capability maximizes the efficiency not only of Windows 10 OS migrations, but also device replacements and tech refreshes.

“At a critical time when IT teams have to put other work aside in order to meet end-of-support timelines for OS migrations, we are making it even easier to move file data in minutes without impacting data integrity and availability,” said Vijay Ramanathan, senior vice president of product management at Code42.

“Speed matters when you are managing migrations for hundreds and thousands of users. When not managed properly, migration delays translate directly to lost revenue and productivity as well as poor user experiences.”

Code42 can cut migration downtime to 30 minutes per device. It enables:

  • Backup of all files so devices and data are always migration ready.
  • Reduction in migration timelines due to 9x faster restore speeds as compared to other backup solutions according to third-party testing.
  • Users to keep working while files restore to their new devices.
  • Restore priority, which ensures users’ most recently created files are migrated first and available for immediate use.
  • Backup intervals every 15 minutes so IT can select a date and time from which to restore.
  • Both user-driven and IT-driven migration workflows.
  • Integration with Microsoft’s User State Migration Tool to restore device settings and personalization.

Using a single application, Code42 collects and analyzes all files and file activity across every endpoint.

In near real-time, security, IT and compliance teams can see where files move and reside, making it faster to investigate and recover from any data incident.

This includes dealing with hardware failures, file exfiltration incidents and ransomware, as well as streamlining device refresh workflows and legal hold processes.

Built on security best practices and control requirements, Code42’s data security platform also can be configured to help comply with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory frameworks.

Supported by a global cloud, a single admin can manage tens of thousands of endpoints. Today, the Code42 app runs on over two million endpoints across the globe.

Unanticipated mistakes in large-scale migrations that involve endpoints, such as computers and laptops can be costly.

According to Code42’s 2018 Data Exposure Report, 71 percent of security and IT leaders reveal that losing all corporate data held on endpoint devices would be business-destroying or seriously disruptive. The report surveyed nearly 1,700 security, IT and business leaders in the U.S., U.K. and Germany.

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