New infosec products of the week​: August 24, 2018

DefenseCode announces free edition of their Web Security Scanner

DefenseCode Web Security Scanner is a DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) product for testing security of live web sites and web applications. All security scanning and vulnerability detection features available in the full version of the scanner are also available in the Community Edition. There are no limitations in vulnerability detection.

infosec products august 2018

Fortanix addresses enterprise blockchain security requirements with private key protection

Fortanix announced it is addressing enterprise blockchain security requirements by enhancing its Self-Defending Key Management Service (SDKMS) Hardware Security Module (HSM) solution with cryptographic algorithms and new data protection features and to help organizations secure encryption keys for blockchain and financial information.

infosec products august 2018

SailPoint’s IdentityIQ extends identity governance for AWS and SAP environments

With IdentityIQ 7.3, SailPoint expands the definition of identities beyond humans, providing the ability to govern non-human identities such as software bots, including robotic process automation (RPA) bots. With the new IdentityIQ Accelerator Pack, SailPoint enables organizations to onboard the thousands of applications their business users now rely on into IdentityIQ, accelerating their identity governance deployment and time-to-value.

infosec products august 2018

CloudPassage debuts Halo Cloud Secure, delivering security of public cloud infrastructure

The Halo platform already protected cloud workloads and containers. To answer customer demands for a streamlined solution, CloudPassage enhanced capabilities of the Halo platform, now known as Halo Cloud Secure. The product now provides both “inside-out” security visibility of servers and containers in the data plane as well as “outside-in” visibility of IaaS services and resources.

infosec products august 2018

Trend Micro simplifies advanced threat detection and network analysis

Trend Micro introduced advanced analytics capabilities for its network security solution, Deep Discovery. Now in addition to detecting and analyzing threats on the network, customers will be able to streamline investigation and response with automated analysis and correlation of network events, while maximizing organizations’ limited IT security resources.

infosec products august 2018

In February 2022, WhiteSource acquired DefenseCode.

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