NGINX enhances its enterprise-grade software application delivery through the cloud

NGINX, the company behind the popular open source project trusted by more than 400 million sites, is announcing new offerings for public cloud deployed versions of its industry-leading NGINX Plus and NGINX Open Source platforms. In addition, new modules are available in an expanded developer marketplace.

“Our partnerships with leading technology companies, like Red Hat, AWS, and Arm showcase our commitment to investing in our joint ecosystems,” says Christine Puccio, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances and Partnerships.

“With increased cloud adoption, there’s been tremendous growth in demand for partners to create modules that plug into the NGINX platform. NGINX is very lightweight and high performance, with language support in C and JavaScript, making it an ideal platform to develop module functionality.”

New NGINX editions, processor support, and OS support in existing cloud marketplaces

NGINX is excited to further its commitment to public cloud deployments, through such partners as AWS, Microsoft, and Google, with these key offerings:

  • Support for Amazon EC2 A1 instances and the AWS Gravitron Processor—NGINX targets scale-out workloads such as web servers and caching fleets. With the addition of support for EC2 A1, NGINX Plus and NGINX Open Source users can run workloads at up to 45% less cost. An NGINX Plus Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for A1 instances is now available on the AWS Marketplace.
  • Support for additional operating systems—NGINX now supports CentOS 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 with NGINX Plus R18 in all marketplaces. This enables flexibility and choice for a variety of platforms delivered through public cloud.
  • Availability of NGINX Plus Enterprise Edition on all marketplaces—NGINX now provides customers the opportunity to purchase the Enterprise Edition of NGINX Plus directly from cloud marketplaces. Customers benefit from 24/7 support, first response within 30 minutes, hot bug fixes, and third-party module support.

New cloud marketplaces and new certified module availability

With more than 140% growth in cloud revenues over the past three years, NGINX continues its commitment to providing more options to the developer community through additional marketplaces. In addition to the enhancements to existing cloud marketplaces, NGINX is expanding into new marketplaces:

  • A new partnership with DigitalOcean—NGINX will introduce new marketplace offerings with DigitalOcean that make it simpler for developers to access code and spin up an NGINX Open Source instance in minutes, enabling them to quickly build solutions on top of the NGINX Application Platform. In addition, developers and partners can have their modules certified by NGINX, demonstrating to potential customers that their solution works with NGINX Plus.
  • Availability of three new certified modules—Users can purchase partner software that integrates with NGINX by dynamically loading as a software module. New modules include software from PerimeterX, Signal Sciences, and

“PerimeterX Enforcer for NGINX and NGINX Plus is a world-class enforcement layer that protects websites and APIs from today’s constantly morphing automated security attacks,” said Ido Safruti, CTO and co-founder, PerimeterX.

“Our joint customers will benefit from the integrated solution to ensure that real users have a seamless experience with their branded web assets and that they are protected against a broad range of threats.”

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