New infosec products of the week: May 31, 2019

SailPoint Predictive Identity platform: The future of identity governance

SailPoint unveiled the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform, the intelligent cloud identity platform of the future that accelerates the industry to the next generation of identity governance. The solution automates identity processes using AI-driven recommendations while finding new areas of access and bringing them under governance with auto-discovery.

infosec products may 2019

Zyxel SD-WAN gets security, usability and speed boost

Zyxel SD-WAN provides a reliable and secure WAN through an annual software license that runs on ZyWALL VPN50, VPN100 and VPN300 firewalls. The license pack includes the Orchestrator Management interface, Dynamic Path Selection (DPS), WAN optimization, auto VPN, and zero-touch provisioning, as well as three security services: content filtering, application control and Geo Enforcer.

infosec products may 2019

StorageCraft ShadowXafe protects all data for midsize companies and MSPs irrespective of its source

StorageCraft comprehensively protects all data for midsize companies and MSPs irrespective of its source: whether on-premises or in the cloud, directly from VMware, or Hyper-V applications, and from both desktops and servers. For total disaster recovery and business continuity, StorageCraft ShadowXafe replicates data to a public cloud, a StorageCraft Cloud, or an off-premises location.

infosec products may 2019

Moogsoft AIOps 7.2 eases the burden of IT operations and DevOps teams

Moogsoft AIOps 7.2 features new capabilities that ease the burden of IT Operations and DevOps teams by optimizing service assurance. Significant new transparency, efficiency, and customization enhancements include: a new workflow engine, AI visualizations, performance dashboards, and new tool integrations.

infosec products may 2019

AD Enterprise: Perform end-to-end post-breach forensic investigations within a single tool

AccessData Group released AD Enterprise 7.1, a new version of its software for managing internal forensic investigations and post-breach analysis that contains first-to-market integration with cybersecurity platforms to automate the early stages of data collection. An API, which is available as an add-on option, enables a secure connection between a client’s cyber platform (e.g., Demisto, Phantom, etc.) and AD Enterprise.

infosec products may 2019

Bittium Tough Mobile 2: Smartphone with multilayered security structure

The core of the information security of the new Bittium Tough Mobile 2 is its multilayered security structure, which is based on the hardened Android 9 Pie operating system, unique hardware solutions, and the information security features and software integrated in the source code. The multilayered information security ensures that both the data stored in the device and data transfer are protected as effectively as possible.

infosec products may 2019

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