New infosec products of the week: November 1, 2019

Jetico releases BestCrypt Volume Encryption Enterprise Edition for Mac

Jetico launched BestCrypt Volume Encryption – Enterprise Edition for Mac. Expanding on many years of Windows support, Jetico delivers the world’s only OS agnostic tool to encrypt Mac hard drive data with central management, both in cloud or on-premise. The tool can also run in the cloud, empowering Admins to control all disk encryption activities from anywhere without needing to configure and maintain a dedicated server.

infosec products November 2019

HITRUST CSF 9.3 adds CCPA, SCIDSA, and NIST SP 800-171 authoritative sources

HITRUST CSF 9.3 now incorporates and harmonizes 44 authoritative sources, most recently adding one new data privacy-related and two new security-related authoritative sources, as well as updating six existing sources as compared to the previous release.

infosec products November 2019

Baffle’s masking and exfiltration solution provides end-to-end data protection

Baffle Data Masking and Exfiltration Control is a solution that ties access control and usage to data-centric encryption, providing an end-to-end data protection solution. It extends access control capabilities to protect data as it leaves an organization and creates a simple way for businesses to responsibly share data with third parties.

infosec products November 2019

Jumio launches Jumio Go, a real-time, automated identity verification solution

Jumio Go is designed to remove friction from the user onboarding process, while still fighting online identity fraud and meeting AML and KYC compliance mandates. Jumio has integrated certified liveness detection to detect when photos, videos or even realistic 3D masks are used instead of actual selfies to create online accounts.

infosec products November 2019

Moogsoft unveils all-in-one AIOps and observability solution for DevOps teams

Moogsoft Express features intelligent noise-reduction, alert correlation, and native observability capabilities, including metrics collection and anomaly detection. It also offers out-of-the-box workflows and integrations with notification and alerting tools, helping DevOps teams resolve incidents quicker and meet service level agreements (SLAs) with their customers.

infosec products November 2019

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