Jumio launches Jumio Go, a real-time, automated identity verification solution

Jumio, the leading AI-powered trusted identity as a service provider, announced the beta release of Jumio Go, the company’s first real-time, fully automated identity verification solution.

Jumio Go

It is designed to remove friction from the user onboarding process, while still fighting online identity fraud and meeting AML and KYC compliance mandates.

Modern organizations need to implement the requisite safeguards to prevent bad actors from creating online accounts. Given the growth of deepfakes, bots and sophisticated spoofing attacks, Jumio has integrated certified liveness detection to detect when photos, videos or even realistic 3D masks are used instead of actual selfies to create online accounts.

Jumio is the first automated identity verification solution to integrate NIST/iBeta-certified liveness detection via FaceTec ZoOm which serves as a powerful chilling effect on would-be cybercriminals hoping to impersonate legitimate users.

Powered by AI, Jumio Go provides enterprises with a real-time, secure and reliable way to verify remote users, ensuring the person enrolling or logging in is who they claim to be online. Across a number of important use cases (e.g., renting e-scooters), verification speed is critical.

One industry study showed that 40% of consumers abandon onboarding applications after initiating a process, citing the length of time taken as one of the primary reasons for not completing the application process.

“Given Jumio’s AI expertise, machine learning models and massive verification datasets, launching a fully automated solution was always a question of when, rather than if,” said Robert Prigge, Jumio president.

“Jumio Go leverages the power of big data and big AI to equip modern enterprises with instant online identity verification that delivers a simple and intuitive experience for good customers.

“Just as importantly, Jumio Go prevents bad actors and bots from creating fake accounts thanks to our embedded liveness detection, which is a powerful deterrent for fraudsters and cybercriminals.”

The key benefits of Jumio Go include:

  • Unrivaled speed: Employs state-of-the-art AI, OCR and biometrics to deliver our fastest identity verification solution ever.
  • Data driven AI: Exploits the power of massive production data sets, which include over 200 million historic identity verifications, and machine learning to spot patterns and better detect when an ID has been manipulated or altered.
  • Certified liveness detection: Detects and deters advanced spoofing attacks including deepfakes with FaceTec’s embedded NIST-certified liveness detection.
  • Global coverage: Supports more than 500 ID types across the globe, helping enterprises scale to serve an increasingly international customer base.
  • Omnichannel support: Supports a wide range of customer implementations, including mobile SDK (iOS & Android), mobile web, desktop and cloud API service options.

Jumio Go is being launched as a beta to give its customers an early look at the fully automated identity verification solution. The beta is available across a broad range of geographies and will expand to other geographies in the near future.

Jumio will use the beta period to capture important feedback from customers and partners to better refine the experience and deliver the best fully automated identity verification solution on the market.

Jumio Go complements Jumio’s other leading-edge identity verification solutions that empower organizations to increase conversions during the onboarding process, reduce online abandonment (often associated with time-consuming verification processes), and meet evolving KYC and AML regulatory mandates.

Jumio’s full suite of identity verification solutions will benefit from and inherit the technology enhancements that have been integrated into Jumio Go.

This provides another benefit to Jumio’s business customers — they can now choose between a 100% automated solution or opt for Jumio Identity Verification, a hybrid solution that leverages a combination of AI, computer vision and human review to deliver the most accurate solution in the market.

Over the past two years, Jumio has experienced dramatic sales growth which speaks to significant market opportunity and demand for biometric-based identity verification.

Earlier this year, the company was named to Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019, ranking 29th globally and the second in the Security category.

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