Cyber Guardian Network offers enhanced tools and technologies for MSSPs

LookingGlass launched advanced services and features as part of its Cyber Guardian Network. Providing managed security service providers (MSSPs) with the world’s best threat intelligence products, these additions offer extended benefits and accelerated growth opportunities to new and existing participants of the company’s MSSP Partner Program.

“As organizations race to embrace the operational agility and data availability promised by digital transformation initiatives, the need for innovative cybersecurity solutions only grows,” said LookingGlass Cyber Solutions VP of Channels & Alliances John McCabe. “Our comprehensive program is designed to enable partners to build the technologies, strategies and solutions necessary to differentiate themselves, secure their clients’ evolving digital environments, and drive new customer adoption to successfully grow their business.”

In addition to a new and improved partner portal, Cyber Guardian Network offers deal registration and competitive margins for MSSPs to integrate LookingGlass products into their security operations centers (SOCs), including:


A global attack surface management platform to help identify and manage potential security vulnerabilities associated with subsidiaries, partners, suppliers, and others outside of organizations’ perimeter, it can be integrated with existing SIEM and big data solutions for a broader view and understanding of the potential impact of threats.


A digital risk assessment platform empowering organizations to continuously reduce cyber risk with advanced threat modeling that links atomic indicators, potential threats to the organization, and the motivations behind the threat, and assigns an organization-specific risk score so the organization can prioritize the most relevant threats.

Aeonik Security Fabric

A unified threat detection & mitigation fabric delivering asset visibility, network traffic analysis, behavior and signature-based threat detection, threat intelligence integration, and advanced mitigation in a single package, offering rapid time to value with out of the box, pre-built integrations for leading SIEMs, threat intelligence ingestion, deception technologies, and more.

“We partnered with LookingGlass because they could deliver a combination of real-world threat intelligence with a product that really helps our customers understand their actual threat situation,” said Aaron Turner, president and CEO of information security consulting firm Integricell. “This program gives Integricell the opportunity to rapidly show value to our customers, helping us capture opportunities and grow our business while better managing risks for our customers.”

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