Not all eSignature solutions are necessarily right for business

The popularity of eSignature solutions has skyrocketed in the last year, as part of companies’ digital transformation efforts in the COVID-19 environment. However, not all eSignatures are necessarily right for business.

eSignature solutions

Considering eSignature solutions

For the same reason that enterprises select Microsoft Outlook over Gmail, organizations considering eSignature solutions need to be thoughtful about the eSignature technology they implement and consider a range of requirements such as technology infrastructure, scale, security, choice, and licensing models.

Not all eSignature solutions are created equally. While they all deliver fast and efficient remote signature capabilities, they vary widely in terms of compatibility with enterprises’ broader IT requirements and automation initiatives.

Organizations looking to implement an eSignature solution must carefully evaluate the technology and vendors across multiple requirements.

Streamlined integration

The eSignature solution should integrate into existing core systems (HR, CRM, ERP, etc.) and collaborate with corresponding workflows.

Embedding document and form signing deeply into applications and workflows provides in-depth reporting and creates more innovative experiences for customers and employees.

Powerful enterprise management

Many organizations prefer on-premises solutions for security or compliance reasons but want the option of migrating their solution to the cloud in the future. Can the eSignature solution be implemented on-premises and in the cloud? Ensuring proper risk mitigation and compliance adherence is critical for many industries.

An organization’s eSignature solution must provide audit trail capabilities, deliver strong evidential weight, and meet technical guidelines to help meet compliance.

Desirable user experience

A remote workforce must be able to create, send, track and sign documents and forms digitally. A no-code, intuitive experience is essential to scale adoption and productivity across business units.

As customers engage with the business from anywhere and on any device, the importance of having an eSignature solution that supports omnichannel becomes essential to a positive customer experience.

Embedded into one intelligent automation platform

Organizations are massively investing in integrated intelligent automation platforms for digital workflow transformation. Is the eSignature solution integrated into enterprises’ platform of choice? Organizations should avoid investing in point solutions that would create disjointed automation siloes.

If organizations overlook enterprise buying fundamentals, automating signatures, may in fact impede companies’ broader automation ambitions – tomorrow.

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