New infosec products of the week: May 14, 2021

Elevate Security unveils human attack surface management platform

Pioneering a new category in cybersecurity, human attack surface management, the Elevate Security Platform ingests the entirety of an organization’s data to gain benchmarked visibility into human error, enabling CISOs to proactively tailor security controls and create ‘safety nets’ for the riskiest employees.

infosec products May 2021

LoginID WordPress plugin allows websites using WordPress to enable strong authentication in five clicks

The LoginID WordPress plugin enables websites to install strong passwordless authentication in five clicks. The solution also helps WordPress websites align to emerging and existing compliance regulations, such as PSD2 and GDPR.

infosec products May 2021

BIO-key releases MobileAuth, a touchless biometric authentication app

MobileAuth’s fast, touchless biometric user authentication – using a palm scan – works with any Android or iOS device to provide a combination of a simple, privacy-protected, and convenient user experience with the identity integrity and availability that enterprises require.

infosec products May 2021

Auth0 unveils identity OS, a cloud-native, adaptable platform for development teams

Built with extensible building blocks, the Auth0 identity OS enables organizations to manage the complexities of today’s identity management, while also prioritizing the security, privacy, and convenience of their end users.

infosec products May 2021

CybelAngel Data Breach Prevention detects data leaking from the three cloud storage providers

CybelAngel announced the most comprehensive Data Breach Prevention in the Cloud service, offering scanning capabilities, detecting data leaking from the top three Cloud storage providers, AWS S3 Buckets, Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob Storage.

infosec products May 2021

Exabeam reimagines analytics to address security needs at scale

Exabeam Fusion XDR and Exabeam Fusion SIEM are two new cloud-delivered security products that aim to solve threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) without disrupting an organization’s existing technology stack.

infosec products May 2021

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