Norton Security UWP app helps protect Lenovo laptop PCs from hackers and online scams

NortonLifeLock announced that the Norton Security Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app will be pre-installed on select new Lenovo laptop PCs.

Expanding its collaboration of more than two decades, NortonLifeLock will help protect Lenovo’s always-on, always-connected laptops, including the Yoga 5G (known as Lenovo Flex 5G in the US), IdeaPad 5G and IdeaPad 4G LTE, bringing a trusted level of security to consumers.

“We’re thrilled to expand our work with a forward-thinking brand like Lenovo that has truly opened the door to 5G-connected laptops,” said Robert Clarkson, chief commercial officer of NortonLifeLock. “Through our collaboration, we’re able to secure the next generation of technology and further protect consumers’ digital lives.”

According to 5G Americas, there were 225 million 5G subscriptions recorded as of December 2020, indicating that the adoption of 5G has moved forward at a pace four times faster than 4G. With the rapid adoption of 5G technology, it increases the need for reliable, efficient and robust security in these devices.

Last year, Lenovo paved the way for 5G-connected laptops with the introduction of the innovative Yoga 5G. Now, with the release of the mainstream IdeaPad 5G and IdeaPad 4G LTE models earlier this year, Lenovo expands consumers’ options and access to the freedom of all-day, anywhere connectivity.

Key features of the Norton Security UWP app include browser protection that helps protect personal information from hackers and online scams, a secure VPN to help block malicious network threats and unwanted ad tracking, and Dark Web Monitoring, which notifies users when their personal information is found on dark web marketplaces, where cybercriminals buy and sell stolen information.

Additional details and key features on the Norton Security UWP app include:

  • Browser protection: Helps protect the device and personal information from online scams, fraudulent websites and malicious links that install ransomware, trojans and other cyberthreats.
  • Connection integrity: Detects and notifies when the device is connected to a compromised Wi-Fi network, or when malicious traffic is detected.
  • Secure VPN: Uses bank-grade encryption to help protect the privacy of browsing activity and data sent over the Internet.
  • Password manager: Easily create, store, and manage passwords, credit card information and other credentials online – safely and securely.
  • App insight: Automatically scans Microsoft Store apps for suspicious activities and online privacy leaks.
  • Dark web monitoring: Notifies when personal information is found on the dark web, including email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, gamer tags, and more.

Lenovo laptops pre-installed with the Norton Security UWP are available now in select markets.

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