How to improve enterprise password security?

In this video for Help Net Security, Darren Siegel, Product Specialist at Specops Software, talks about the importance of password security and what makes them vulnerable. He also outlines common password practices and gives tips on how to make sure your password is uncrackable.

The challenge with passwords is always been the same: the security of systems is heavily reliant on users picking good passwords – and most users don’t know how to do it (or simply don’t care).

Specops has released the 2022 Weak Password Report, based on the analysis of a database containing 800 million breached passwords, and has found that most of the passwords out there are quite short, comprising of 8 or 9 characters.

Another common practice is password reuse. Most employees are guilty of that, and of reusing passwords outside of the corporate network.

If you want to get serious about password security, give Specops Password Policy a try: it helps organizations thwart password issues within their network by blocking weak passwords, creating compliant password policies and targeting password entropy.

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