The future is passwordless. What’s slowing it down?

Ping Identity and Yubico surveyed IT leaders across the globe to determine their appetite for passwordless solutions. Overwhelmingly, the desire was clear to adopt more secure and convenient methods of passwordless authentication. They cited gains in security, productivity, and customer experience as key drivers.

adopt passwordless authentication

“Passwords are not only frustrating but easily exploited,” said Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity. “A passwordless future means data breaches and identity fraud are far less likely, and the productivity and experiences of customers and employees are drastically improved. It’s reassuring to see IT leaders across the globe aligned on a future where passwords are replaced by simple, easy, and more secure authentication.”

Passwords present serious security concerns

  • 94% of IT leaders have serious concerns about user-generated passwords.
  • 91% of IT leaders worry about passwords at their organization being stolen.
  • 50% are concerned that passwords are too weak for security purposes.

Passwords are a drain on productivity

  • 67% are concerned with the helpdesk costs associated with passwords.
  • 33% of helpdesk tickets are related to passwords, and in the past year, IT leaders have seen a 30% increase in password-related incidents.
  • IT leaders estimate their employees must enter passwords an average of 12 times a day.

IT leaders face challenges and resistance to passwordless adoption

  • 97% of those who haven’t adopted passwordless authentication believe they will face challenges in doing so.
  • 91% agree that password security is a cultural issue for which business leaders – not users – must take responsibility.
  • 88% of those who haven’t adopted passwordless authentication believe their organization would be somewhat or very resistant to adopting it.
  • 33% of those who haven’t adopted passwordless authentication say a lack of expertise is a barrier to adopting passwordless authentication.

Unlocking the benefits of a passwordless future

  • 100% recognize the benefits of passwordless authentication, including reduced security costs (52%), enhanced security (52%), and less support needed (48%).
  • 96% say passwordless authentication would create an easier user experience (UX) for employees; 95% of those with a customer login portal say it would create an easier UX for customers.
  • 93% report their organization is likely to adopt passwordless authentication.
  • Among organizations that adopted or plan to use passwordless authentication, the top forms are biometrics (67%), PIN (48%) and physical security keys (38%).

“The need for adopting modern authentication is highlighted on a daily basis with examples like the White House’s cybersecurity executive order and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Surveys like this demonstrate the mindset of industry leaders and the important journey towards simple and strong passwordless authentication,” said Stina Ehrensvard, CEO of Yubico.

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