New infosec products of the week: July 22, 2022

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Cato Networks, CoSoSys, Darktrace, EnGenius, Orca Security, Persona, and Resecurity.

infosec products Jul 2022

Resecurity Digital Identity Protection defends individuals and businesses from identity theft

The Digital Identify Protection solution leverages Resecurity’s threat intelligence data from dark web activity, data leaks, credentials compromise, hacking activity, cyberespionage, supply chain and third-party data breaches — all of which are catalysts for major security incidents.

infosec products July 2022

Darktrace PREVENT proactively protects enterprises against sophisticated cyber threats

Darktrace launched Darktrace PREVENT, an interconnected set of AI products that deliver a proactive cyber security capability to help organizations pre-empt future cyber-attacks. PREVENT uses AI to ‘think like an attacker,’ finding pathways to an organization’s most critical assets from inside and outside.

infosec products July 2022

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector v5.6 enables users to protect sensitive information

CoSoSys launched v5.6 of its Endpoint Protector solution, adding a host of new features to help organizations better protect their sensitive data from insider threats, accidental loss, and compliance breaches.

infosec products July 2022

Orca Security helps enterprises detect cloud attacks with Cloud Detection and Response capabilities

Orca Security, added Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) capabilities to its agentless Cloud Security Platform. The Orca Platform analyzes cloud provider logs and threat intelligence feeds using machine learning and rules-based heuristics, while also providing automated remediation to prevent security issues from progressing across the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

infosec products July 2022

Cato DLP secures and optimizes access to all applications

Cato Networks introduced Cato DLP, a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) engine to protect data across all enterprise applications without complex, cumbersome DLP rules. Cato’s access control layer ensures user can only access authorized applications and prevents them from accessing unauthorized resources or malicious sites.

infosec products July 2022

Persona Dynamic Flow enables users to verify sensitive identity information

Persona launched “Dynamic Flow,” a risk response and verification engine that customizes the identity verification (IDV) process in real time for each user and use case. The new release ingests live signals throughout the verification process and uses these signals to adjust each individual’s experience based on their risk profile and the company’s risk tolerance.

infosec products July 2022

EnGenius security gateway series helps IT teams protect business networks

EnGenius Technologies released its first-ever security gateway product line, bringing enterprise features, enhanced security, and cloud management from anywhere. The ESG series will work seamlessly with any third-party vendor network—all without the complex setup and configuration.

infosec products July 2022

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