Keytos EZSmartCard enables organizations to go passwordless

Keytos launched EZSmartCard at the Black Hat USA 2022 conference, helping organizations to meet the strict identity requirements of the US Government Executive Order 14028 by enabling passwordless onboarding and creation of cryptographic smartcards.

Keytos EZSmartCard

Keytos specializes in cryptographic solutions that enable companies to save on IT spend while increasing security by enabling them to go passwordless. EZSmartCard expands the Keytos toolset by solving one of the most challenging and most expensive identity problems: seamless and secure user onboarding. Keytos technology removes the need for temporary passwords and improves security by having multi-factor authentication since the first authentication.

“EZSmartCard addresses the missing piece to truly passwordless authentication. I believe that this amazing tool complimenting Microsoft’s unphishable credentials will drastically reduce the #1 cause of security breaches: stolen credentials.” Igal Flegmann, Co-Founder & CEO, Keytos.

Keytos is a Boston-based cybersecurity startup with the ambitious goal of making the world truly passwordless by creating easy to use cryptography-based tools. Since its beginning Keytos has been hard at work to achieve this goal. Starting with their first tools EZSSH and EZGIT which centralized and addressed the hard problem of decentralized never expiring SSH Keys by seamlessly creating short term SSH certificates.

To solving SSL certificate management by creating EZMonitor a monitoring tool that gives organizations full visibility into their SSL health and EZCA a cloud-based certificate authority that allows organizations to easily create and automatically manage SSL certificates. This new tool enables Keytos to get closer to their goal by helping organizations secure their most vulnerable identity: their user identity.

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