Secure portable operating system Tails 5.5 released

Tails, based on Debian GNU/Linux, is a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship, and version 5.5 is now available for download.

Tails 5.5

When composing an email, you can now see whether it will be encrypted or not.

You can shut down the computer and start on your Tails USB stick instead of starting on Windows, macOS, or Linux. Tails leaves no trace on the computer when shut down. It also uses the Tor network to protect your privacy online and help you avoid censorship.

Tails is a 1.3 GB download and can be installed on any USB stick of 8 GB minimum. Tails works on most computers less than ten years old. You can start again on the other operating system after you shut down Tails.

Tails includes a selection of applications to work on sensitive documents and communicate securely. Everything in Tails is ready-to-use and has safe defaults:

  • Tor Browser with uBlock, a secure browser and an ad-blocker
  • Thunderbird, for encrypted emails
  • KeePassXC, to create and store strong passwords
  • LibreOffice, an office suite
  • OnionShare, to share files over Tor
  • and many more!
Tails 5.5

This version comes with an update to Thunderbird (now version 102.3.0.), Tor Browser 11.5.4, Linux kernel 5.10.140, and makes the wget command line utility use a different Tor circuit every time.

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