Leveraging network automation to enhance network security

Data backups get a lot of attention, but sadly, sometimes, the operational work that keeps networks secure – like device backups, upgrades, and configuration grooming – goes undone.

Recent high-profile network outages have brought attention to the importance of not just automating improvements in network security and operations but recovering quickly and minimizing downtime when disaster strikes.

It’s incredible that even today, the simplest configuration change or even a typo can sometimes cause a ripple effect and bring down a network and/or disrupt a supposedly fault-tolerant business service. No one is immune – not even tech giants like Microsoft.

Furthermore, with the pace at which new CVEs and OS bugs are identified, deploying OS updates and patches has become a neverending project for most organizations operating at scale.

In this Help Net Security video, Josh Stephens, CTO of BackBox, shares his thoughts on how network teams at organizations can be proactive and strategic in backing up network and security device configurations.

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