AI-assisted coding and its impact on developers

The emergence of AI has put into question the roles of software developers everywhere.

In this Help Net Security video, Cat Hicks, VP of Research Insights at Pluralsight, discusses pressing questions that engineering organizations face regarding the rapidly-changing possibilities of AI-assisted coding.

Key findings from a recent Pluralsight survey of 3,000+ developers and software engineers include:

  • 45% of developers experience fear, anxiety, and worry that their current competencies will become obsolete as they adapt to AI-assisted coding.
  • 74% of developers plan to upskill in AI-assisted coding, but equity and opportunity gaps persist.
  • Cultures of learning and belonging mitigate AI anxiety and drive efficiency. Building a culture of learning and belonging can help developers and their teams decrease contest culture, improve productivity, and strengthen resilience in the transition to AI-assisted software development.

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