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digital transformation
Building resilience to shield your digital transformation from cyber threats

Digital transformation projects are top of mind for enterprises. 91% of businesses are currently engaged in some form of digital initiative. Yet, the average cost of a failed, …

AI-assisted coding and its impact on developers

The emergence of AI has put into question the roles of software developers everywhere. In this Help Net Security video, Cat Hicks, VP of Research Insights at Pluralsight, …

Why legacy system patching can’t wait

The persistent neglect of patching legacy systems is plaguing critical infrastructure and industries. The consequences of such neglect can be damaging to organizations, …

What is operational risk and why should you care? Assessing SEC rule readiness for OT and IoT

The newly released Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) cyber incident disclosure rules have been met with mixed reviews. Of particular concern is whether public companies …

Brent Deterding
The real impact of the cybersecurity poverty line on small organizations

The financial constraints many smaller organizations face often cast shadows on their ability to fortify defenses. In this Help Net Security interview, Brent Deterding, CISO …

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