A closer look at Israeli cybersecurity funding and M&A activity in 2023

Last year was challenging for the global market, and the market downturn greatly affected even the historically resilient cybersecurity ecosystem.

In this Help Net Security video, Merav Ben Avi, Content Manager at YL Ventures, talks about how the Israeli cybersecurity industry, much like the global one, skyrocketed in 2021 with record-breaking capital and an exceptional number of new startups and unicorns. However, the market slowdown in 2022, economic instability in 2023, and geopolitical unrest in the last quarter of 2023 all took their toll.

The overall funding of Israeli cybersecurity startups reached only $1.89B across 71 funding rounds, down 41% from 2022’s total – $3.22B across 94 funding rounds. Despite these declines in overall fundraising over the last year, we can identify trends indicating a positive trajectory for the industry.

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