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Organizations are moving from experimenting with AI to adopting it

Despite AI’s potential, only 14% of organizations are ready to implement and utilize these technologies. While AI offers significant advantages, the focus must shift to …

artificial intelligence
In 2024, AI and ML shift from flashy to functional

AI and ML deserve the hype they get, but the focus can’t always be on the glitz. As these advances to deliver real benefits, there’s a slew of more mundane actions that have …

The gap between security and privacy, and what it will take to bridge it

In this Help Net Security video, Bill Tolson, VP of eDiscovery & Compliance at Archive360, talks about the biggest and perhaps only question in information governance …

cloud storage
What are the barriers to moving legacy data to the cloud?

While 95% of tech leaders worldwide say moving their legacy application data to the cloud is a priority, and 80.5% want to do it within the next 12 months, only 35% of tech …

Bill Tolson
Cloud compliance: Falling out of it could spell doom

In this Help Net Security interview, Bill Tolson, VP of Global Compliance and eDiscovery at Archive360, talks about the importance of cloud compliance and what companies can …

SaaS security fears: Is your data exposed to potential risk?

IT executives have rising SaaS security fears, and worry about cloud security, proprietary data encryption, as well as the loss of independent control due to access …

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