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artificial intelligence

Federal and SLED IT managers say AI will be a game changer

AI is not a concept of the future, a MeriTalk study confirms. A new study, underwritten by Arrow and NetApp, surveyed 300 Federal, state, local, and higher education (SLED) IT …

Avoiding a biometric dystopia

In part one of our two-part series, we explored how biometric authentication methods are being defeated. In the second part, we’ll explore how manipulating biometrics can …

How can attackers abuse artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly finding applications in nearly every walk of life. Self-driving cars, social media networks, cybersecurity companies, and everything in …

Only 25% of organizations using AI have an enterprise-wide AI strategy

Only 25% of global organizations that are already using artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, have developed an enterprise-wide AI strategy, according to IDC. At the same …

69% of organizations believe they can’t respond to critical threats without AI

Businesses are increasing the pace of investment in AI systems to defend against the next generation of cyberattacks, a study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found. …

How consumers view the transparency of their AI-enabled interactions

The ethical use of AI is becoming fundamental to winning people’s trust, a new study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found. As organizations progress to harness the …

Are humans ready for AI to take control of digital security?

Just over a quarter (26%) of people in EMEA would prefer their cybersecurity to be managed by AI rather than a human, an online study conducted by Palo Alto Networks and …

Experts weigh in on salient issues around emerging threats and security tech

RSA Conference unveiled expert insights into salient issues around emerging threats and security technologies. Based on industry observations and interactions with partners …

Annual spend on Mobile Edge Computing will reach $11.2 billion by 2024

Total annual spend on Mobile Edge Computing (the collection and analysis of data at the source of generation, at the Edge of the network, instead of a centralised location …

Beating biometrics: Why biometric authentication alone is not a panacea

As we witness the accelerating use of biometrics throughout our lives, we must pause to consider the risks and ramifications of doing so as technological advancements make it …

Researchers develop a technique to vaccinate algorithms against adversarial attacks

A set of techniques to effectively vaccinate algorithms against adversarial attacks have been developed by researchers from CSIRO’s Data61. Algorithms …

How can organizations leverage AI technologies to achieve project success?

AI disruption is happening and at a large scale: 81 percent of project professionals report their organization is being impacted by AI technologies; 37 percent say adopting AI …

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