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Organizations need capabilities and practices to generate value from AI

Businesses actively embracing artificial intelligence and striving to bring technological advancements into their operations are reaping dividends not seen by companies who …

Is AI fundamental to the future of cybersecurity?

While a significant proportion of SMEs believe in their current approach to security, they are struggling when it comes to allocation of budget, according to a Senseon …

Researchers spot manipulated photos and video using AI-driven imaging system

To thwart sophisticated methods of altering photos and video, researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering have demonstrated an experimental technique to authenticate …

Volume and quality of training data are the largest barriers to applying machine learning

IDC predicts worldwide spending on artificial intelligence (AI) systems will reach $35.8 billion in 2019, and 84% of enterprises believe investing in AI will lead to greater …

When all else fails, organizations realize they must share threat intel

A large majority of security IT decision makers are ready and willing to share valuable threat intelligence data to help the collective industry make better, more informed …

CEOs and business leaders trust AI, but employees are more cautious

Most senior executives (85%) classify themselves as artificial intelligence (AI) optimists, citing increased investment and trust in the technology. Eighty-seven percent say …

While data enables innovation, its vulnerability continues to cause anxiety among IT leaders

Today’s technology landscape demands that companies determine how to manage and secure data in a connected ecosystem, as well as embrace it to create competitive advantages. …

AI-optimized chipsets entering a new era as they become more specialized

The rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) for practical business applications has introduced a number of uncertainties and risk factors across virtually every …

C-Suite execs and policy makers find cybersecurity technology investments essential

The majority of C-Suite executives and policy makers in the United States believe investing in security software, infrastructure and emerging technologies is critical to …

Legacy infrastructures and unmanaged devices top security risks in the healthcare industry

The proliferation of healthcare IoT devices, along with unpartitioned networks, insufficient access controls and the reliance on legacy systems, has exposed a vulnerable …

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Worldwide IT spending to grow just 1.1% in 2019

Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.79 trillion in 2019, an increase of 1.1 percent from 2018, according to the latest forecast by Gartner. “Currency headwinds …

The perimeter is vanishing, how will you secure your network?

There’s a new reality to network security, driven by the fact that the perimeter is vanishing. The concept of a network being fully enclosed within a building or virtual …

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