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artificial intelligence

Despite enthusiasm for AI adoption, governments are experiencing challenges

Public-service executives in Europe are optimistic and enthusiastic about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on government operations and services but face challenges …

CIO role remains critical in leading enterprises through crises and transformations

The march to digitalization is so commonplace today that 40% of global CIOs have reached scale for their digital endeavors, more than doubling the proportion of enterprises …

Analysts explore the top strategic technology trends for 2020

Top ten strategic technology trends that organizations need to explore in 2020 have been identified. Gartner defines a strategic technology trend as one with substantial …

AI development has major security, privacy and ethical blind spots

Security, privacy and ethics are low-priority issues for developers when modeling their machine learning solutions, according to O’Reilly. Major issues Security is the most …

From science to business: High-end quantum computer market will almost double by 2025

Quantum computers are able to reduce computing processes, from years to hours or minutes, and solve problems where even the most advanced conventional computers reach their …

Bots evolving to better mimic humans during elections

Bots or fake accounts enabled by artificial intelligence on social media have evolved and are now better able to copy human behaviors in order to avoid detection, according to …

Cost of data breaches to surpass $5 trillion in 2024

A new report from Juniper Research found that the cost of data breaches will rise from $3 trillion each year to over $5 trillion in 2024, an average annual growth of 11%. This …

From SmarterChild to Siri: Why AI is the competitive advantage securing businesses

The dream of an AI-influenced world is finally here. After decades of writing about it, AI has reached a point where it’s ingrained into our daily lives. From the days of …

AI vs. AI: Cybersecurity battle royale

David and Goliath. The Invasion of Normandy. No matter the generation, we all know some of the storied battles that have withstood the test of time. In cyberspace, however, …

Companies struggle with the slow, unpredictable nature of AI projects

Despite significant investment in AI, many companies are still struggling to stabilize and scale their AI initiatives, according to Dotscience. While 63.2% of businesses …

How AI can improve user experience and security for the finance industry

For the last 50 years, the fundamental and largely unchanged model for identifying and authenticating users has been based on the combination of a username and password, …

Upfront transparency of data use is key for greater consumer acceptance of AI devices

The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) relies heavily on the need for higher levels of intelligence to better predict, suggest and adapt to changing user behaviors. …

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