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government cybersecurity
Government organizations’ readiness in the face of cyber threats

Cyber threats targeting government organizations have become increasingly sophisticated, posing significant risks to national security, public infrastructure, and sensitive …

Avertium appoints Bill Carroll as CEO

Avertium announced the appointment of Bill Carroll as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. Carroll joins Avertium from Bishop Fox, where he helped guide the security …

security platform
Avertium Fusion MXD strengthens threat defense intelligence for Microsoft Security customers

Avertium announced Fusion MXDR, a new service the security partner is providing for Microsoft Security customers. This threat-informed, managed extended detection and response …

How is the U.S. government preparing for critical infrastructure attacks?

Russia’s invasion on Ukraine has put a spotlight on threats to critical infrastructure, which thus far have been mostly physical, impacting water treatment, electricity, …

remote work
With remote working on the rise, infosec strategies need to evolve

The recent pandemic created a new normal that redefines the way business operates by eliminating security and physical work borders. An Avertium study found that having …

People are the very first element in a pragmatic cybersecurity strategy

39 percent of cybersecurity and IT executives indicate their company is under-prepared to handle a data breach and 66 percent prefer negotiating with a used car salesperson …

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