Government organizations’ readiness in the face of cyber threats

Cyber threats targeting government organizations have become increasingly sophisticated, posing significant risks to national security, public infrastructure, and sensitive data. These threats are diverse in nature, originating from various actors such as nation-states, hacktivist groups, and organized cybercrime entities.

Governments must invest in robust cybersecurity measures, including advanced threat detection systems, employee training programs, and the continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure. Additionally, international cooperation and information sharing are crucial to combating threats that transcend national borders.

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present segments from previously recorded videos in which cybersecurity experts discuss critical issues related to cyber threats targeting government organizations.

Complete videos

  • Tom Van de Wiele, Principal Security Consultant, Cyber Security Services at WithSecure, talks about cyber threats aimed at governmental organizations.
  • Paul Caiazzo, Advisor at Avertium, talks about critical infrastructure attacks, their potential impact, and what the U.S. government is doing to prepare for them.
  • Keith Nakasone, Federal Strategist at VMware, discusses how government agencies can scale the use of multicloud environments for mission success.
  • Bob Maley, CSO of Black Kite, talks about the risk susceptibility of U.S. defense contractors and how the federal sector is under constant threat of cyberattack.
  • Ben Sebree, Senior VP of R&D at CivicPlus, discusses the steps that local governments need to take to have a successful cloud adoption while also protecting their confidential information and data from cybercrime through planning, understanding, and updating their technology processes.

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