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Improve SecOps by making collaboration easier

There’s one word that we’ve consistently been hearing from information security pundits year after year: Collaboration. More often than not, they were talking …

Eduardo Cabrera, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Trend Micro
CISOs need teamwork and a framework, says Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Trend Micro

Eduardo Cabrera is the Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Trend Micro, responsible for analyzing emerging cyber threats to develop enterprise risk management strategies. Before …

Most CISOs and CIOs need better resources to mitigate threats

Despite acute awareness of the millions of dollars in annual costs, and the business risks posed by external internet threats, security leaders highlight the lack of staff …

Half of SMBs experienced a breach in the past year

More than 50% of SMBs have been breached in the last 12 months, according to a North American study by the the Ponemon Institute. No business is too small to evade a cyber …

Boardroom execs still don’t know the value of data

Almost two thirds of businesses still don’t know the value of critical data assets being targeted by cybercriminals. IRM surveyed security heads at their recent conference, …

How CISOs can work with the C-suite to define the cybersecurity risk level

Defining the cybersecurity risk level for any organization should be a collaborative effort that balances the need for risk mitigation with fiscal responsibility. Although the …

meeting room
How executives really feel about infosec reports

More than half of IT and security executives will lose their jobs as a result of failing to provide useful, actionable information. While the majority of board members say …

What is the actual value of a CISO?

For some people, it’s hard to understand what keeps them up at night. For you, the CISO, things are much clearer. Your 3:47 am thoughts are filled with data breaches, malware, …

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