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identity theft
Reformulating the cyber skills gap

Despite a positive (and significant) decrease from over 4 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in 2019, there is still a staggering 3.12 million global shortage of workers with …

All you need to know about Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competitions

ENISA released a report addressing the contemporary use of Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competitions around the world. It explores how these competitions work and provides a …

Hackers helping communities: Leveraging OSINT to find missing persons

People, in general, like helping other people, no matter their degree of connection. And then there are people who go even further: they find a way to help people help people. …

The Standoff HITB
The Standoff: Attackers and defenders to face off in digital metropolis security challenge

The upcoming HITB+ CyberWeek, which will take place at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on October 12–17, 2019, will see hackers and cybersecurity practitioners participate in …

World’s top 25 CTF teams to battle for $100,000 at HITB PRO CTF

In less than a month, Hack In The Box is launching its biggest global event: HITB+CyberWeek 2019. It is a week-long gathering (October 12-17, 2019, at Emirates Palace, Abu …

Infosec and the future: Dr. Giovanni Vigna on lessons learned over 25 years

When I asked Dr. Giovanni Vigna what are some of the most important lessons he has learned during the 25+ years he spent working in computer security, his answer was simple: …

Google CTF 2017 announced: Test your skills!

Google has announced the 2017 edition of its Capture The Flag (CTF) competition. As before, the event is divided into two rounds: The qualification round, to be held online on …

DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge
Can a computer system compete against human CTF experts?

DARPA announced on Thursday that a computer system designed by a team of Pittsburgh-based researchers is the presumptive winner of the Agency’s Cyber Grand Challenge. The …

Facebook CTF platform
Facebook CTF platform is now open source

Capture the Flag competitions are a good – not to mention legal – way for hackers to build and hone their skills. But, quality CTF environments are difficult and …

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