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cyber attacks
Threat actors are raising the bar for cyber attacks

From sophisticated nation-state-sponsored intrusions to opportunistic malware campaigns, cyber attacks manifest in various forms, targeting vulnerabilities in networks, …

Infosecurity Europe 2023
Infosecurity Europe 2023 video walkthrough

Infosecurity Europe 2023 is taking place in London this week, and this video provides a closer look at this year’s event.

The impact of DNS attacks on global organizations

Often we see stories about cyber attacks that breached an organisations’ security parameters, and advice on how we can protect against future threats. However, what is often …

The costs and damages of DNS attacks

EfficientIP has announced the findings of its eighth annual 2022 Global DNS Threat Report, conducted by IDC, which reveals the damaging impact Domain Name System (DNS) attacks …

EfficientIP SOLIDserver 8.1 allows organizations to simplify and automate their cloud management

EfficientIP launched the latest version of its DDI suite, SOLIDserver, which provides centralized DNS management and network security for hybrid cloud infrastructures. …

Network and security teams must collaborate to successfully deliver digital transformation

Collaboration is a key component of any successful business strategy, but it’s not always a simple task. The conflicting goals of individual teams means that different …

Protecting IoT devices requires a DNS-based solution

IoT devices are fast becoming an everyday part of our lives. Whether it be in the role they play in manufacturing and industry or powering the appliances in our own homes, …

Healthcare suffering from DNS attacks more than other industries

The healthcare industry experienced devastating effects from DNS attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, more so than other industries, a report from EfficientIP and IDC shows. …

Norman Girard joins EfficientIP as CEO

The board of directors of EfficientIP named Norman Girard as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective June 28, 2021. He will also become a member of the board of directors. …

The role DNS plays in network security

New EfficientIP and IDC research sheds light on the frequency of the different types of DNS attack and the associated costs for the last year throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. …

Why DDI technology is fundamental for multicloud success

Whether they are handling new applications or managing workloads, cloud and multicloud technologies are critical components of the modern workplace. But the real value of …

EfficientIP expands leadership team with two new senior appointments

EfficientIP announced two new senior appointments – Thierry Drilhon as chairman of the board and Cécile Ferreboeuf Clayes as a new board member. Thierry Drilhon has been …

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